Vats Media Award 2014!

Vats Media Award - 2014 - an International Award Function

In this world of entertainment the people who are associated with any banner, music companies, film,drama, television and their assistants along with those who have work in any language from 2004-2014 will be awarded by a penal of judges. The specialty of this award is that it will be given for first time in this state by the name of Vats Media Award and this award will be given to both broadcast and non-broadcast film/drama categories.

Who We Are

Vats Media is a founder of hidden talent of the nation. We always tries to find the next upcoming celebrity like dancer, writer, and singer, actor, model , comedian and technicians. Vats Media prodused many serials Doordarshan and some leading channels. Our successful T.V show were Paniri ,Puwara Pay Gya,Bemisal Hain Hum or Mini Star Muqabla. We are the Associate member of ”ASSOCIATION OF MOTION PICTURES and T.V PROGRAMME PRODUCERS MUMBAI FROM 13 MARCH 2008” in pursuance to our efforts . We move from one town to another to search the hidden talent. Now Vats Media presents an entertainment award only for that people who are belong to that state where the award function will be organized and this award is called Vats Media Award. This is the first step to encourage the talent of the peoples.

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Our Upcoming Star


We Provide

  • Models for exibition
  • Hottest girls for events
  • Exhibition Hostess
  • Host/Male/Boys for Exhibition
  • Host/Male/Boys for Events
  • Event Hostess
  • Promoter
  • Manpower coordinators
  • Welcome girls for events
  • Welcome girls for functions
  • Male Anchors
  • Female anchors
  • Male/Female models
  • Actors
  • art directors
  • creative directors
  • designers
  • directors
  • editors
  • fashion editors
  • hairstylist
  • hair colorist
  • makeup artist
  • manicurists
  • photographers
  • phorography directors
  • producer
  • pop stylist
  • set designers