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About Us

ABOUT VATS MEDIA The Vats Media is a founder for hidden talent of the nation. We always try to find the next upcoming international film, television, fashion industry and social media, celebrity. Vats Media is a female oriented organization which believes in empowering girls , females live a life of honour and dignity .Vats Media was founded by Roshan vats Bollywood. We are also a Registered Member of INDIAN MOTION PICTURE PRODUCER’S ASSOCIATION (IMPPA), MUMBAI. As we started our journey through television such as doing progammes like “PANIRI”, “MISS MEDIA INTERNATIONAL”, “BEMISAL HAIN HUM and many more. We are very much well known director in “DOORDARSHAN” and also doing well in the satellite channels. Now we are firmly taking step into the film making segment and as expected really going to make something out of the box as Hindi Feature Film “LOVE YOU DREAM”on Beauty Pageant.

Vats Media