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School teacher Shikhar, who aspires to earn a name in the world of Event, suddenly meets a person named Sangita. She is a girl who loves modelling very much. Sangita not only wanted to pursue modelling as a career, but also wanted to be the top model of India and make her glory on the seventh sky of fame. As they both have some dreams to fulfil hence they both hold the hands of each other and ready to fly on the wings of their desire. One day, in the newspaper, sangita see a FAMOUS modelling agency advertisement, about in search of new and talented girls, whose auditions are held in Delhi. Sangita shows Shikhar the advertisement featured in the newspaper and says she must need to attend this audition and as she is confident about herself so she ask help from shikhar and say if she can stands as a successful model so she can help all the way to make shikhar as a successful event organiser and they both can live the life which they desire most. Shikhar mutually agreed with the proposal of sangita and ready to travel with her, but it turn into a fiasco, as they met a massive road rage and passed away with their incomplete desire.
Shikhar takes another birth in the name of Rohan Vats, Sangeeta does not get salvation. Sangita still have the promise in her mind that she needs to make Shikhar as Rohan now a big event organiser. Rohan starts his journey as event organiser by doing his debut event named “VATS MISS INDIA 2022”, to make it on ground Rohan takes financial support from towns big shot named L.D. Batra. Auditions are held across India.
Aradhya, a middle-class girl from a village, who also have the dream to became an aspiring model and “MISS INDIA”. She is the topper in her village and staying with her uncle and aunty, shivam is the very good friend of her and always support her in every aspects of life, when aradhya ask help to shivam that to start her modelling career she needs to come to metro city for auditions and all, shivam ready to help and bring her to the city. At the audition she comes to the eyes of Rohan for the first time, he is dazzled by her beauty. On the other hand, the soul of Sangeeta knocking on Rohan’s heart as a model girl named Chhaya. Aradhya who participates in Event, she feels that she can make her dream come true very soon, as she got the wings to fly.
Aradhya presents Rohan a doll showcased in a glass frame, which he decorates in his bedroom. The doll comes in the form of chhaya and talks to Rohan for hours every day and gives him success tips. Rohan also considers Aradhya’s doll as a motivational part of his subconscious mind. But on the other hand, Chand shek, another Contestant of the event, who is from the same village from where Aradhya comes and at the childhood she defeated by Aradhya in all aspects, eventually in game of dolls marriage. Now she is quit adamant to stop Aradhya from participating in the contest and became Miss India. But Aradhya participate and comes to semi-finals as well. Now Chand can’t control herself and make Aradhya embarrassed very dramatically at the success party after the semi-finals. Rohan not able to tolerate this nuisance and slapped very hard to Chand in front of all the guest present in the house and disqualified her from the finals. Chand felt very much insulted and make one slander in front of entire media that Rohan and Aradhya having some relationship among themselves and that’s why Aradhya a small village girl now stands for the finals of “VATS MISS INDIA 2022” this is not a justice to all the participants. When this news speeded like fire and became sensation, not only sponsors companies backing out of the event, but the main financier LD. Batra also refuses to pay the outstanding 1cr for the final.
Aradhya felt very much dishearten and lose all hopes about her dream, as well she felt very bad for Rohan, so she decide to make approach to L.D. Batra for help and describe that she don’t have any short of relationship with Rohan. L.D.Batra understand the gravitas of the situation and offer Aradhya to spend one night with him and satisfy him in all the aspects, so he is give the money to Rohan as promised. Somehow Chhaya comes to know the fact and before Ardhya she goes to L.D. as in the form of Ardhya, L.D. seems to be very happy firstly but in a while he can understand something wrong in it as he is not able to touch her or can’t do anything with her, meanwhile Chhya showed up the terrible face of fear, L.D.Batra got died on the spot after seeing that face. When Rohan got to know that Ardhya goes to L.D. for compromising, he gets quit disappointed and angry on Ardhya, and decided to leave the event and goes away. Chhaya now comes to Rohan and brings him to the cremation place and tell him the entire flashback, now Rohan can collect all the memories from his earlier birth and able to recognise Chhaya as SANGITA. Chhaya also denote that she is not able to have the salvation point until a deserving girl wear the crown of “VATS MISS INDIA 2022”. Rohan who lost all kind of courage hope and desire, he is found new inspiration through the words of Chhaya one again and start preparation for the final event in MUMBAI. But the path of success never comes so easily. Now the brother of Chand sikander comes with his goons and strike on Rohan. He injured very badly just before the finals, but a sailor never feared about the thunder storms in the middle of the sea, as his need to sail the ship to the island. Rohan fights back all the odds and finally success the event which he started “VATS MISS INDIA2022”

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